Kuvitus: Warda Ahmed

Illustation: Warda Ahmed

The Project for Undocumented Migrants advises  undocumented migrants and those who encounter them on the legal rights of undocumented migrants and on other related legal questions. The project gathers information about the position of undocumented migrants in Finland and promotes respect for the human rights of undocumented migrants. We offer training on undocumented migration as a phenomenon in Finland. The Project for Undocumented Migrants is funded by Funding Centre for Social Welfare and Health Organisations  (STEA). The project is coordinated by the Refugee Advice Centre. The project began in 2012

You can upload the brochure of the project here.

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Contact information:

Coordinator Meri Korniloff

tel. +358 45-8437979


Lawyer Heli Aali (legal advice)

tel. +358 45-237 7104



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