Everyone is entitled to fundamental and human rights

Picture: Katja Tähjä

Picture: Katja Tähjä

At the basis of human rights lies the human dignity of each person. Fundamental human rights have nothing to do with one’s position or status in society – instead they belong to everyone regardless of their position in society or their residential status.

Due to international human rights agreements it is now a given in Finland too that fundamental rights belong to everyone residing here, not just citizens. The human dignity of all persons forms the basis of the values on which both constitutional fundamental rights as well as international human rights conventions are built on. Finland has implemented most international human rights treaties, meaning they are legally just as binding as any national legislation.

Fundamental rights and human rights also ensure the rights of undocumented migrants. The most fundamental of these are the right to life, liberty and integrity of person. Rights particularly relevant to the undocumented are equality in the eyes of the law, the right to health and the right to free basic education.